Doug Kerr


Hello! My name is Doug Kerr and I’m a photographer based in the Concord, NH area. I’m a reformed adrenaline junky.  I was previously addicted to hang gliding, kickboxing and fast motorcycles. Now I get excited when I hear the shutter click!  I’m blessed to be married to a beautiful and talented esthetician and makeup artist.  We have 3 wonderful daughters, who despite being tortured with endless photo sessions and makeup trials over the years seem to be well adjusted.

My super power is making people comfortable in front of my camera. To capture a good image you have to be relaxed!  There’s a certain amount of trust that exists between you and your photographer.  Its my job to put you at ease and guide you through your photo session.  Unless you’re a professional model its perfectly natural to be a little self conscious.  Don’t stress! I've got this;)

While our studio is in Concord, NH we travel far and wide for our clients.  Mountain top wedding proposal? Not a problem, I love to hike! Half a dozen corporate head shots needed? We’ll bring the studio to your office.  Looking for fall foliage for your family portrait?  I’ve got some great locations for that!  Senior photos on the home field of your sports team? We can do that!  Destination wedding?  My passport is current!

Click the contact link and lets talk about your ideal photo session and make it happen!