Senior Photos: Top 5 tips for the guys

Guys, here are the top 5 Tips for Senior Portraits to keep you on point for your photo session.


1. Hair
If you’re planning on a hair cut for your session, don’t do it the day of your shoot.  Try to get it done 2 or 3 days ahead of time.  A hair cut always looks more relaxed a few days later.

2.  Hands and Feet
Sometimes guys aren’t thinking about what’s on their feet but believe it or not, your feet show up in a lot of images.  Make sure your kicks are clean.  Hands are another thing guys don’t think much of.  Hit the GoJo hard if you’ve been working on the car/truck/bike.  Cut and clean those nails while you’re at it.

3. What to wear.
The guys have it easy here.  Some clean jeans and a couple of your favoriteshirts. Boom! you’re done.  Keep it simple. Nothing too loud. No super brightcolors.  No crazy patterns. No wrinkles in your wardrobe!

4. Props
If you play sports, bring your jacket or jersey along with a football/basketball/soccer ball/bat/glove/stick. You get the point.  If you’re a musician, bring your instrument, unless you’re a drummer!  Leave the kit at home and bring your sticks and wear your Zildjian t-shirt. ;)

5. Posing
Unless you’re a model, its normal to be a little nervous about being in front of the camera.  Don’t stress.  This is what I do every day.  I help people relax so we can get great shots.  One thing you can do ahead of time is get in front of the mirror and practice your smile/grin.  I know it sounds a little odd but it helps.  Another great idea is to check out Pinterest.  Study the senior photos and see what looks good to you.  Keep an eye on the hands. Everyone struggles with what to do with their hands.  If you find some cool stuff, pin it and show it to your photographer.